Ratings & Accreditations

Devoxil Media Private Limited is a credible and impartial source of research and analysis by being committed to the key values of rigorous integrity, undeniable value and accessible presentation. Accreditation is a voluntary process that includes an external review of to provide quality

It is a type of quality assurance process/ hall-mark under which services and operations of a particular brand, institution or program are evaluated and assessed against internationally recognized standards and operate to the highest levels of quality and service.

Accredited status is granted only if the prescribed standards are met. Accreditation is the certification of standards while rating is like the mark-sheet, which includes performance on selected criteria.

Rating is therefore an important first step and hence a precursor towards Accreditation. The accreditation process reduces the risk to you and your business partners and gives you complete confidence that the products and services have been independently evaluated for their competence and performance capability.